Training Plans

NES Healthcare Science annually request the completion of a training plan for all National Training Number holders. This request forms part of our role in quality assurance of training programmes across Scotland.


NES currently monitors the quality of Healthcare Science training across Scotland using Training Centre Accreditation, Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP), Training Plans and Trainee and Supervisor Surveys. These processes together allow us to ensure training within all Healthcare Science disciplines is consistent and of a high quality. This assurance benefits the departments themselves, the trainees and ultimately the patients.

Requests for completion

This plan should be completed by all National Training Number (NTN) holders irrespective of the training schedule they are following, or funding they receive. It should be completed by the trainee and supervisors together to ensure an overall plan is agreed and both parties have full oversight of that plan. A request for this training plan with be sent out to all trainees each year. All elements of each scheme should be recorded, and the plan returned to NES no more than two months into each training year.


The training plan should capture all planned modules, training requirements, academic components and deadlines. It is acceptable to enter TBC for some elements which occur in the future but a consideration of timelines of each training component should be entered.

Benefits and Outcomes

The completed training plan will form a communication between the supervisor and trainee of all expectations and deadlines. It will assist in planning appropriate timelines for each element and may be useful to guide the Annual Review of Competence Progression.

NES will use this information to cross check the information held on training centres, trainees, trainers and supervisors. On receiving these forms we will ensure: 

  • all NTN holders have a formal training plan,

  • all training supervisors are suitably trained,

  • all centres noted on the training plan are accredited to provide training,

  • all trainee details in the Turas system are correct.

Basic Training Plan Template

See below link to download a Basic Training Plan template. This template contains all elements of the plan requested by the NES Healthcare Science team. If another format is already in use, we would be happy to receive this alternative training plan as long as all requested elements are represented. 

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Last updated: November 10, 2023