Training Centre Recognition

Our role in Training Centre Recognition helps demonstrate how the various training pathways comply with the Health and Care Professions Council Standards of Education and Training, building a community of scientists all operating to the same generic assurance standards for all Healthcare Scientists in training across Scotland. Poor quality training can be a proxy for unsafe clinical practise, so our activity also has a patient safety thread.

Centre Recognition of Healthcare Scientist training in Scotland Self Assessment

The process

Centres are asked on a 4-yearly cycle to self-assess themselves against the set standards. These standards are aligned with NES Healthcare Science's approach to Healthcare Scientist identity, NHS Education for Scotland's Quality Assessment tool 2010 NMAHP, the NES Medical Deanery QA approach, Health Education England's National School for Healthcare Science, and HCPC standards of Education and Training. We recognise that many Healthcare Science departments are routinely assessed through other accreditation governing bodies such as UKAS, MHRA or professional bodies to uphold high standards of service and training. We are therefore requesting a straight-forward self-declaration of compliance with our standards. We will audit a sample of responses with a call for selected evidence. Therefore, in making the declaration, departments must have available supporting documentation should it be requested.

A Microsoft Form is available to all Healthcare Science training centres for completion as a self-declaration of compliance to the set standards. The NES Healthcare Science team will be in touch with centres who are listed as a training centre within our Turas system. If any other centre would like to complete the Training Centre Recognition process we welcome them to do so.  

What we will do

We will continue to monitor all placement departments, initially via a common self assessment using generic standards for training in the workplace environment (known as practice placement). Where indicated, we will engage with service to assist and improve the placement.

We will share our principles that underpin admissions and practice placement.

We will promote our approach to special measures for trainees and departments that give cause for concern.

We will align postgraduate funding support from NES with satisfactory placement monitoring outcomes.

We will share information about the state of quality management in Scotland with AHCS and NSHCS through a reciprocal agreement. 


AHCS Academy for Healthcare Science

HCPC Health and Care Professions Council

NES NHS Education for Scotland

NSHCS National School for Healthcare Science

Access the application process for Training Centre Recognition

For the Centre Recognition MS forms link please click HERE 

Check if your centre has completed the Training Centre Recognition process

To  check if your Centre is on the Recognition list please click HERE (This list is correct as of the 7th of March, 2023.)

Last updated: November 10, 2023