Promoting Healthcare Science

This page contains details of how to promote Healthcare Science, including how to become a STEM ambassador.

Join a professional body!

Whether it is ARTP or BAA, IPEM or IBMS, ACB or ACGS to name but a few, these are all vital in supporting and nurturing your development.

The Academy for Healthcare Science is the “One Voice” agency and has a comprehensive list of professional bodies.

Become a STEM Ambassador!

STEM Ambassador Diagram

STEM Ambassadors make an impact by:

  • Supporting learning – help young people to understand the real world applications of their learning
  • Illuminating careers – showcase different careers, providing information on roles and pathways into industry while raising awareness of the skills that are important in the workplace.
  • Raising aspirations – give young people the opportunity to meet a wide range of inspiring role models, encouraging them as they think about their future.

Becoming a STEM Ambassador has a positive impact on the lives of young people but it also brings a lot of personal benefits:

  • Sense of achievement and reward
  • Improved presentation skills
  • Increased confidence
  • Sense of personal and career satisfaction with the work you are doing

It is up to you to choose/offer the activities you have the time and feel comfortable getting involved with, which could include:

  • Mentoring and careers talks
  • Science festivals and fairs
  • Community and youth groups
  • STEM Club activities

Time Commitment

The STEM Ambassador programme is flexible, allowing you to volunteer in a way that suits you, it could be online or in person, in schools or in community groups, by supporting lessons or extra-curricular activities and working with young people or their educators. As an ambassador you would give as little as half a day a year to help promote healthcare science as a profession, while also sharing your enthusiasm about a science career in the NHS. It is not a big time commitment but it can make a big difference in your area, particularly to young people in schools and colleges.

Further information about the STEM Ambassador Programme can be found HERE.

Public Engagement

Get involved through public engagement or social media to raise awareness of Healthcare Science careers such as the following national promotions:

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Last updated: April 04, 2024