NES sponsored "2020" cohort- financial support information

The “2020” cohort was invited to submit training plans and costs for their HSS development.

NES support is based on your best estimates of likely costs. We appreciate that training plans and respective costs will be adjusted as you move through your training. NES needs to be aware of changes as the fund for the training is drawn from Scottish Government year-by-year.

We ask that you keep an up-to-date record of your costs associated with each financial year, 5th April to the following 4th of April. On an annual basis in July, we will contact you for projected training costs for the current financial year. This allows us to compare your award costs to projected spend and report back to the Scottish Government, who are funding this 2020 cohort.

Your NHS Board should pay the programme costs direct as they arise and invoice NES. Invoices to NES should not exceed the contribution shown in your current award letter. We cannot “carry-forward” savings from previous years but if advised will consider reasonable adjustment.

The annual award must be drawn by the Board for the sum relating to the financial year to which it applies. NHS Board invoices should be directed to NES, for the attention of: Charlie Brownlee, Management Accountant (Healthcare Science), NHS Education for Scotland, Finance Department, Westport 102, Edinburgh, EH3 9DN.

Last updated: November 10, 2023