Spotlight your innovations and work "Life Science"

June 13, 2023

  • Physical Science and Biomedical Engineering
  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • MS teams

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Life Sciences- Spotlight your innovations and work

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We want to see you present the latest innovations in Healthcare Science whether you’re a trainee, in your early career or going through an equivalence process.  Submit a poster, present an abstract from your MSc, an innovation you have been involved with or a case study. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight the work you and your team are doing to improve healthcare in NHS Scotland.  By presenting you will gain valuable experience communicating your work – and we’ll send you a CPD certificate.  

Spoken presentations will be online only using MS Teams.  

Layout and appearance 

Aim to create an attractive display that will draw other participants to your poster or slides and clearly communicate the main points. Creative use of pictures, graphs, text blocks, color, headlines, is advised. Avoid making your presentation too text heavy. Focus on the highlights of your display. If it can be communicated with numbers, graphs, or other visuals do so. We ask that you present your material for 10 minutes within a 1hour online Scientific presenting webinar to “Spotlight your innovations and work” 

Submitting your poster / presentation 

All submissions need to be through MS Forms here, submission deadline 30th May. All submitted work will be accessible within the HCS spotlight MS Teams virtual forum and on this NES Healthcare Science Website.

  • Posters must fit on one page and PowerPoint presentations are limited to no more than 10 slides 
  • Presentations of posters or slides are expected to last 10mins 

Last updated: February 27, 2023