Spotlight your innovations and work - All Healthcare Science specialisms

August 22, 2023

  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • MS Teams

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Spotlight your work! - All Healthcare Science specialisms

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Communicating science is an important skill. Whatever your stage of training and whether your project is an idea or a finished piece - we extend an opportunity to practice explaining in a 10-minute soundbite what your idea is. This is as much about the art of presenting your work: you believe in it - can you enthuse others? Being able to do this is increasingly necessary as we progress into senior roles – so it is never too early to start!

Our online forum will be a safe-space to gain experience and get some constructive feedback - and recognition - for your effort… always useful for your CPD record or portfolio.

At this stage, we are only gathering notes of interest from people who would like the opportunity to tell what they have done or are planning. Once we have a cohort, we will contact participants and organise a webinar(s) to test the idea. So, why not register your interest and we can explore the next step.

If selected, what would be involved?

Our only stipulation is that talks are no more than 10 minutes to explain your idea. It can be a tour of a poster you have done, some power point slides describing a project or an idea you may have or – if you prefer –simply a talk.

The webinar would be one hour with a mix of presentations and a panel you give a short first impression to help you.

So – let’s turn on the spotlights and note your interest using our MS Forms link hereby the 8th August.

Last updated: May 30, 2023